A dramatic reading of Dylan Cease‘s epic poem is enough to bring tears to your eyes.


14 | Six-Game Sweep Sinks Sox Major League A*Holes: Sox Type Thing

CairoMania and LaRussaPalooza reached their dramatic conclusions as the #WhiteSox got swept out of the playoff picture over a miserable 6 days  |  Will Jerry Reinsdorf spend whatever it takes to keep his ballclub's championship window propped open?  |  How much blame does Rick Hahn share in the Sox failure?  TWITTER: @SoxTypeThing WEB: https://soxtypething.com/ SHOP: https://assthetics.store/ REVOLUTION BREWING: https://revbrew.com/
  1. 14 | Six-Game Sweep Sinks Sox
  2. 13 | Sweep or GTFO
  3. 12 | TLR Does His Best to Derail CairoMania
  4. 11 | LaRussaPalooza Dramatic Plot Twist
  5. 10 | From FIRE TONY to SELL THE TEAM