The #WhiteSxo place their faith in Jesus Night to save the 2022 season  |  After a series loss to the Orioles and a sweep at the hands of the lowly D-Backs, was Adam Engel‘s dropped pop foul the final breaking point?  |  Dr. Verniere believes dehydration could be the root cause of the shitload of hamstring injuries  |  Fan frustration shifts from blaming Tony La Russa to owner Jerry Reinsdorf with “SELL THE TEAM” sign(s?) prominently on display at Sox Park and on the TV broadcast  |  This Week in Sox Misery usually looks to history for crushing events, but Sox fans might be living through the most excruciating season ever

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14 | Six-Game Sweep Sinks Sox Major League A*Holes: Sox Type Thing

  1. 14 | Six-Game Sweep Sinks Sox
  2. 13 | Sweep or GTFO
  3. 12 | TLR Does His Best to Derail CairoMania
  4. 11 | LaRussaPalooza Dramatic Plot Twist
  5. 10 | From FIRE TONY to SELL THE TEAM