Fans everywhere rejoice as MLB finally put a merciful end to the imbalanced schedule in 2023  |  Would Javy Baez and the Tigers be better off playing 2B?  |  Does AJ Hinch deserve more heat for the Motor City meltdown?  |  Where did it all go wrong for the once mighty Giants?  |  Should the Cubs bet the farm on Shohei Ohtani if the Angels put him on the market or hold off and finally utilize the might of their money-making empire to buy the unicorn in 2024?  |  Lord Tom Tunney of Wrigleyville resigns before the authorities come to take him away  |  Risky business in the Rogers Centre and RingCentral Coliseum gives new meaning to the 500 Club  |  Video of Yankees fan blowing a hotdog for a beer goes viral  |  Who’s Andy Rutschman and why are the OOrioles giving him a 20-year, $600M deal?  |  Aroldis Chapman is into unsanitary leg tattoos  |  Marcell Ozuna‘s domestic violence + DUI and Carlos Martinez‘s PED + domestic violence earn them our co-Assholes of the Week dishonor

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126 | Detroit Rocked by Brutal Series of Injuries Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE

  1. 126 | Detroit Rocked by Brutal Series of Injuries
  2. 125 | When .500 Feels Like a Major Feat