Yasmani Grandal had to go outside the White Sox organization to get the proper training to prepare his legs for his final season behind the plate on the Southside.


17 | Winter of Discontent Major League A*Holes: Sox Type Thing

Offseason grades are not kind to Rick Hahn and the #WhiteSox | Does signing Andrew Benintendi create more problems than it solved while the same issues have remained from the last few years? | Could Eloy Jiménez be on the trading block? |  Wishing Liam Hendriks nothing but the best, how soon might he be able to rejoin the team? | We already knew Mike Clevinger was an asshole, but he’s taken it to a whole new level of allegations of domestic violence and child abuse are true TWITTER: @SoxTypeThing WEB: https://soxtypething.com/ SHOP: https://assthetics.store/ REVOLUTION BREWING: https://revbrew.com/
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