Originally recorded Dec. 13, 2022 on IN THE HOLE, Episode #117

After all the books, films, and mathematical mythology, what is pop culture icon Billy Beane’s ultimate legacy now that he’s left Oakland a smoldering wreck having never made it to a World Series?


119 | 2023 NostraDumbass Predictions Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE

Our annual NostraDumbass prediction show is sure to get everything wrong for the 2023 season | Forbes Magazines' annual financial analysis reveals 'biblical valuations' and record revenues for #MLB once again proving owners like the #Cubs' Tom Ricketts are lying to their fans | #WhiteSox fans don't have Leury Garcia to kick around anymore, so who's next? | #Braves' new Nike City Connect uniforms seem very familiar… maybe TOO familiar? WEB: ⁠https://majorleagueaholes.com/⁠ SHOP: ⁠https://assthetics.shop/
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