Drew Smyly‘s perfect game bid gets intercepted by Yan Gomes playing a completely different sport | Justin Steele has quietly become the best pitcher in baseball just last July, much like Jake Arieta‘s ascension for the Cubs in 2014 | Who will get the 100th Splash Hit into McCovey Cove for the Giants? | Tigers bullpen is following Scott Harris‘ mantra by “controlling the strike zone” with surprising success | Miguel Cabrera‘s going-away gift list is getting weird |  Kenny Williams‘ “accountability” comments might put Rick Hahn on the hot seat for the White Sox |  Steve Stone suggests Lance Lynn might be too fat for MLB’s new pitch clock | There’s a long way to go before the Athletics can cash in their chips in Las Vegas | Kicking the shit out of cancer earns Liam Hendriks our most well-deserved Badass of the Week|  Max Scherzer makes a martyr of himself over MLB’s murky ‘sticky stuff’ rule enforcement, but was it really worth a 10-game suspension?

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