Major League A*Holes

“Baseball opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one and most of them stink.” — Harry Caray


“Baseball opinions are like assholes… everybody’s got one and most of them stink.” —  Harry Caray

Major League A*Holes is an irreverent look at baseball from a couple of opinionated pricks on opposite sides of Chicago. We focus on the Cubs and White Sox, but we also delve into the Tigers, Giants, and MLB in general when we feel like it.

Pete and I have been great friends for about 20 years now, but our sports affinities couldn’t be more opposed.  I grew up in Michigan a huge Detroit Tiger fan (the 1984 Bless You Boys came around just in time for my 11th birthday) and have hated the White Sox since I first saw the 1981 Donruss Lamarr Hoyt card with the worst uniforms in the history of baseball (and uniforms).  I moved to Chicago after college and naturally became a fan of the Cubs.

On the other hand, Pete grew up on the South Side a die-hard Sox fan and is never hesitant to bring up their 2005 World Series championship. He’s also been following the San Francisco Giants since he was a kid after playing on the Giants little league team for years.  He also thought their logo was cool—that’s one thing I can’t disagree with him about.

The idea of having one blog from two shits with very different perspectives is to give a little broader view of the baseball landscape than you’d get out of a typical fan blog.  But really, it’s just an excuse to take our ridiculous arguments to the next level and possibly entertain (or annoy) some people along the way.


The Podcasts

We started a socially distant podcast before socially distant podcasting was cool. The real story is both of us got old and lazy and didn’t feel like writing as much as we used to and found transforming the blog into a podcast to be way easier and a lot more fun. The Show was born in late 2019 with me in my Wrigleyville condo and PV at his place out in the Chicago suburbs someplace connected via some fancy technology no one gives a shit about. 

When the pandemic hit a couple months later, it turned out podcasting remotely was the perfect hobby to combat boredom when you can’t leave your fucking house or hang out with your buddies for weeks, months, or even a year.  When I moved back to Michigan in 2021, I set up the new Studio 6: “The Al Kaline Shrine” while PV maintains his Studio 35 in Chicago to continue to spew out baseball truth whether anyone wants it or not.

You’re welcome.

At some point we realized The Show was a dumb name and also realized In The Hole was much more on-brand for a couple of assholes talking baseball. Another thing we eventually realized is that the White Sox have become such a fascinating circus that they demanded an entire podcast of their own. Thus, Sox Type Thing was born in the summer of 2022 to chronicle all the shenanigans on the Southside.

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